下面是英国的<<曼彻斯特晚报>>上一篇关于曼联几个年轻球员的报道.其中包括中国球员董方卓(Currently on loan to Belgian side Royal Antwerp FC)

Red Nursery Rhyme:Gary Neville believes that Manchester United are stil one of the world’s best nurseries for developing players – and that is something that Chelsea’s multi-millions can never buy. The Reds skipper cited the emergence of 18-year-old centrehalf Jonny Evans as proof that the conveyor belt of young talent is still churning out the goods at United’s million Academy at Carrington.
Neville has been one of the highest-profile successes of the youth policy that Sir Alex Ferguson resurrected, being a part of the 1992 FA Youth Cupwinning team which contained eight future internationals, and going on to make more than 500 appearances for the Reds. Since those days, the supply of voung players has slowed to a trickle. But Neville feels that few other clubs can match United’s track record. "United are stil at the forefront," Neville said. "Ajax have always brought good young players through, and think that these are the two clubs people think of when it comes to producing young talent consistently. If you look at our squad in pre-season there have been six, seven, eight, nine young players that have come through that system. "No other team in the Premier League, let alone the top of the Premier League, will have that quantity of youngsters in their first-team squad."
Evans was just one of several youngsters who excited the United fans during pre-season games, along with the likes of Danny Simpson, Lee Martin and Darron Gibson. And Neville, along with manager Sir Alex Ferguson. picked out the Belfast lad as the cream of the crop. He said: "I saw Jonny play last season and played with him in the reserves once, and he just looks to have great potential."
The beauty of United, says Neville, is that Evans and the others will all be given their chance by a manager never afraid to blood youngsters. "Today’s young United players are at the right club, and will get the chance if they prove good enough," he said. "And of all the players that have been released from the youth team here down the years, 1 can’t think of manv that have not come back and played at the top level. The players who are here do get the chance, and if you are not quite Bood enough you move down the scale. The club doesn’t make many mistakes in that respect."
Neville says that the youth policy at United has saved the club a fortune, and brings something that Chelsea cannot buy. "The great thing about it is that it brings a team spirit. I was playing with Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, David Beckham, John O’Kane, Keith Gillespie, Robbie Savage and Ben Thornley from the age of 13 or 14. "It becomes second nature when you start to play together full-time at 16. We knew Bach other inside out, and it creates a friendship and spirit that lasts to this day. We wanted to be football players and wanted to play for Manchester United, and we were very fortunate to be in the hands of verv Bood people. We all had good parents and schooling, but you are ultimately in the hands of your manager and coaches."
"You can get bad coaching, or a manager who doesn’t want to give you a chance, and if that happens you are wasting your time. "We were willing to do the things that we had to do, but were also lucky to have good football ‘parents’ in Eric Harrison, Brian Kidd and Nobby Stiles, and then we had the boss giving us the opportunity to get into the first team. "We were lucky to come to a club which at the time had a system and a manager in place that wanted to project young players into the first team, and were willing to give us a chance. There is a risk involved, and the manager did take risks in bringing us in. But there are benefits as well, and we will be forever grateful to the manager for what happened to us."

1. JONNY EVANS: the 18-year-old Belfast-born stopper is already a Nothern Ireland under-18 international and tipped by Sir Alex Ferguson to win a full cap in the next 18 months. Scored against Celtic in pre-season, impressed greatly in Amsterdam Tournament and now goes for six months with Royal Antwerp.

2. LEE MARTIN: made his United debut in the Carling Cup against Barnet last season, and was in Wimbledon’s first team at 16. The non-stop left-sided midfielder, now aged 19, figured in Amsterdam and against Celtic. He returned to Glasgow this week to spend a season on loan with Rangers.

3. DANNY SIMPSON: quick, hard-tackling right back from Eccles who is tipped to push Gary Neville and Phil Bardsley hard for their places. The 19-year-old came on as a sub against Celtic, started against Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa and against Ajax, and will now play in Royal Antwerp for six months.

4. FANGZUO DONG: United fans have had only a brief glimpse of the Chinese youth international, who has spent the last two seasons farmed out to Royal Antwerp, but scored the winner against Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa. Described as "strong, athletic and very quick" by Sir Alex Ferguson.

5. DARRON GIBSON: the 18-year-old midfielder has only made fleeting appearances in pre-season but has impressed. The Republic of Ireland have called him into their Under-21 squad. Made United debut in Carling Cup victory over Barnet last year as a second-half substitute for Lee Martin.

我的战靴 My Super Boots


这双就是我的战靴>>>>NIKE Air Zoom 90III,购买于2005年3月.
The Upper is made from soft, subtle ultralight KNG 75 synthetic leather and has a new asymetric interlacing system to give a superb fit.

The midsole has the Air Zoom unit in the heel which provides optimum cushioning and heel fit.

The Outsole has a lightweight TPU plate with a molded plate in the case of the firm ground boot and moulded multi directional plate in the case of the astro turf boot.

贾秀全这个土鳖 Mossbaaaaaaaaaaack Jia





 QUEENSLAND Roar have completed the signing of 29-year-old Chinese international striker, Yuning Zhang.

A tall, strong (187cm, 83kg) centre forward who is known for his aerial prowess, Zhang completed his move from top Chinese Super League outfit Shanghai Shenhua late yesterday, the final day of the Hyundai A-League transfer window.

Zhang, who enjoys film star status in his homeland, has netted 9 goals in 15 appearances for the Chinese national team and scored over 60 goals in 160 appearances in China’s top division.

Speaking through his interpreter, Zhang said he was relishing the new challenge ahead of him.

“I am very excited about joining Queensland Roar and I’m looking forward to being part of the Hyundai A-League. This is my second time in Australia but my first time in Queensland and everything I’ve seen so far is very nice. The city is very beautiful and the Queensland Roar players, coaches and staff have all been very friendly towards me.

“I didn’t know too much about the Hyundai A-League until I spoke to my friend Shengqing Qu who was at Adelaide United last season. He said that it is a good league and encouraged me to consider it. From what I have seen at training the standard of play is very high,” he said.

Queensland enjoys a sister-state relationship with Shanghai, the home of Zhang’s last club. Queensland Government Minister of Sport, Mr Tom Barton, who was joined by the Chinese Consul General Madam Liu Fei, said the signing was an opportunity for Queensland Roar to forge even stronger ties in China.

“The State Government is thrilled that Queensland Roar have made this signing and there is no doubt that it will further strengthen cultural and sporting ties with China, particularly with our sister-state, Shanghai. We also hope that it will provide further inspiration and opportunities for Chinese youngsters in Queensland to take part in physical activity,” Mr Barton said.

For Roar Coach Miron Bleiberg Zhang provides further ammunition in attack.

“He is very strong in the air and has excellent ability. He will give us another dimension up front alongside the likes of Ante Milicic, Simon Lynch and Reinaldo, which will result in a very powerful forward line. We were always looking for another striker and when this opportunity to sign Yuning arose we decided it was too good an opportunity to miss,” Bleiberg said.

Yuning Zhang
2000 Liaoning Jia-A 17 apps 11 goals
2001 Liaoning Jia-A 19 apps, 11 goals
2002 Liaoning Jia-A 13 apps, 5 goals
2003 Shenhua Jia-A 22 apps, 13 goals
2004 Shenhua CSL 10 apps, 3 goals
2005 Shenhua CSL 14 apps, 5 goals
2006 Shenhua CSL 8 apps, 1 goal

Yuning Zhang – Yoo-ning Zang

关于七夕 Chinese Valentine’s Day



Raise your head on July 31 and gaze at the stars, you will find something romantic going on in the sky.

VALENTINE’S Day in China, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, falls on August 4 this year.

That is, on Monday evening, Niu Lang and Zhi Nu will meet on a bridge of magpies across the Milky Way. Chinese grannies will remind children that they would not be able to see any magpies on that evening because all the magpies have left to form a bridge in the heavens with their wings.

Romantic legend

The legend has been handed down for nearly 2 millennia. The story has been recorded as far back as the Jin Dynasty (256-420 AD). Poets composed hundreds of verses on the love story and many types of Chinese opera tell the story

The Chinese people believe that the star Vega, east of the Milky Way, is Zhi Nu and, at the constellation of Aquila, on the western side of the Milky Way, Niu Lang waits for his wife.

Zhi Nu was said to be the youngest of seven daughters of the Queen of Heaven. With her sisters, she worked hard to weave beautiful clouds in the sky, while Niu Lang was a poor orphan cowherd, driven out of his home by his elder brother and his cruel wife.

Niu Lang lamented over his lonely and poor life with an old cow, his only friend and companion. The magical cow kindly told him of a way to find a beautiful and nice woman as his life companion.

Under the direction of the cow, Niu Lang went to the riverside on an evening, where the seven fairies slipped out of their heavenly palace to bathe.

He took one of the beautiful silk dresses the fairies had left on the bank. When the fairies left the water, the youngest couldn’t find her clothes and had to see her sisters fly back to heaven without her.

Then Niu Lang came out with the dress and asked the youngest fairy, Zhi Nu, to stay with him.

Several years passed on Earth, which were only a few days in heaven. Niu Lang and Zhi Nu lived happily together and had two children before the Queen of Heaven discovered Zhi Nu’s absence.

She was so annoyed she had Zhi Nu brought back to heaven. Seeing his beloved wife flying in the sky, Niu Lang was terrified. He caught sight of the cowhide hanging on a wall. The magical cow had told him before dying of old age: "Keep the cowhide for emergency use."

Putting the cowhide on, he went after his wife with his two children.

With the help of the cowhide, Niu Lang was able to follow Zhi Nu into heaven. He was about to reach his wife when the Queen showed up and pulled off her hairpin to draw a line between the two. The line became the Silver River in heaven, or the Milky Way.

Zhi Nu went back to the heavenly workshop, going on weaving the clouds. But she was so sad, and missed her husband across the Silver River so much that the clouds she weaved seemed sad. Finally, the Queen showed a little mercy, allowing the couple to meet once every year on the Silver River.

Well-known poem

One of the most famous poems about the legend was written by Qin Guan of in the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Fairy Of The Magpie Bridge

Among the beautiful clouds,

Over the heavenly river,

Crosses the weaving maiden.

A night of rendezvous,

Across the autumn sky.

Surpasses joy on earth.

Moments of tender love and dream,

So sad to leave the magpie bridge.

Eternal love between us two,

Shall withstand the time apart.












Compared with love stories in Western legends, the story of Niu Lang and Zhi Nu seems not as intense or passionate. Love doesn’t kill or break up the barrier between them. They just wait patiently on the riverbank, believing that their love can withstand their time apart.

It is faith and emotional liaison instead of physical attraction and desire that is emphasized in the story as well as in many other Chinese folktales about love.

In only a few Chinese folk love stories can be found a description of the physical appearances of the hero and heroine.

In the "Butterfly Lovers", the heroine, dressed as a boy to attend school, falls in love with a classmate. After they have lived together as classmates for years, the hero did not have the slightest clue that his best friend is actually a girl!

Chinese ceremonies

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the only Chinese festival devoted to love in the Lunar calendar.

Unlike St. Valentine’s Day in Western countries there is not so much emphasis on giving chocolates, flowers and kisses. Instead, Chinese girls prepare fruits, melons and incense as offerings to Zhi Nu, the weaving maiden, praying to acquire high skills in needlecraft, as well as hoping to find satisfactory husbands.

In the evening, people sit outdoors to observe the stars. Chinese grannies would say that, if you stand under a grapevine, you can probably overhear what Zhi Nu and Niu Lang are talking about.