A visit to Xi’an has long been a dream for me. The dream turned out to be a reality as I was tasked to get a draft from a Shaanxi firm. Were it not for my elder brother’s business, my first touch of Xi’an would be some years later.


Like any other travel before, I got on the inter-province coach with excitement. After the coach started up I killed my time by enjoying the view outside the window and chatting with other passengers. The 18-hour journey seemed to have a comfortable beginning but a tantalizing end, for Xi’an saluted us with a rainy early morning. Anyway, I arrived the hotel without accident when the whole city was just waking up.


Even before I took a close look at this ancient capital, I hurried to Yaoxian, which is to the north of Xi’an, with my brother’s uncle. We expected to get to a coking & chemical plant prior to the camion cargo sent by my brother. Luckily, we did. Three worker helped us unload the cargo, then, what his uncle did was to follow the plant’s procedure, what I did was merely waiting. We did not come back to Xi’an until the second afternoon.


The third morning, after buying the ticket back to Beijing at Xi’an railway station, I went to Xidian University with my friend Wu who was to be a junior at Xidian. As I didn’t know where Xidian was, I appointed him at the station.  We changed 3 buses before we arrived the campus. Frankly, that was virtually a very large campus with at least 10 unified buildings. I stayed at Wu’s dorm until 13 Aug. During the 5 days there, I didn’t go to any place of interest except Dayan Pagoda and Shaanxi History Museum, for I was too lazy to go downtown by changing 3 bus. All that I had done on Xidian campus was netsurfing in dorm and palying football on the pitch.